Typical Day

girl first picChildren will rotate to the listed classrooms each day.  Each room will include both teacher directed activities as well as time for student choice surrounding the current theme.  A small snack and drink will be provided each day. The children will spend time at the end of each day reflecting on that day’s activities with their teacher and classmates.


Literacy Room

Children will be immersed in a variety of language activities.  They may choose to read books in the reading corner, practice beginning writing at the writing center, tell stories with puppets in the puppet theater, or engage with one of the other language based games or toys.  The teacher will read and talk about a variety of literature, letters and letter sounds with the children.

girl playing 2

Math/Science Room

Children will have the opportunity to explore their world by experimenting with materials such as magnifying glasses and magnets.  In addition, there will be opportunities for children to count, sort, measure, and compute with a variety of manipulatives.  The teacher will lead the children in exploring science and math through daily weather, calendar and other activities.


Art & Dramatic Play Room

Imagination and exploration will flourish in this classroom.  Children might choose to put on costumes and pretend to be someone new, pretend to cook in the kitchen, build structures with blocks, take care of dolls, or fix things with the tool bench.  There will also be many art and sensory materials and to explore.  The teacher will lead children in an art activity and children who enjoy art can continue to create with tape, crayons, glue, stickers and other craft materials.

Noah 2

Bible Time Room

This room will encourage each child’s spiritual growth.  Children will listen to a Bible story and engage in play related to the story.  They will pray, sing Christian songs and play instruments.

large motor play

Large Motor Play

Large motor play will take place either outdoors on the playground or in the Fellowship Hall. Children will be able to ride riding toys, run, jump, slide, climb, play with balls, and explore in the sand table.


Toddler Class

Our toddlers have their own classroom with age appropriate math and literacy toys and activities.  They create with art materials in their classroom. They travel to the Bible time room for songs and stories in circle time. Each day they spend time playing in our indoor and outdoor large motor areas.

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