Child Development


Core Values in the Developmental Areas


We design activities that follow state standards and promote a love of learning. In that environment we encourage creativity, curiosity, and emerging literacy, language, investigation and math skills.  An ongoing assessment of the children is used to determine their needs and abilities and then work to move them forward.



We use Bible stories, Godly play, prayer, songs and the Christian example of teachers to increase a child’s understanding of God and His love.




Our physical environment is safe and encourages children to explore and take risks in both fine and gross motor areas.



social playSocial

We value diversity among our learners.  We model for and support children in sharing, taking turns and working with others.



emotional playEmotional

We demonstrate respect for each child’s uniqueness by teaching with a balance of structure and free choice for children and include opportunities for both active and quiet times.  We create an environment where students are safe to express their feelings.

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Strong Academics in a Christian Environment